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Fox Media offers the full range of international TV media services covering television campaign planning and airtime buying.

We can handle any size of television campaign, from major national/ international TV schedules through to small tactical bursts.

With TV and the internet becoming ever more closely entwined, options for TV advertisers are multiplying.

The key targeting, cost and interactive benefits of digital TV channels; the loyalty engendered via television sponsorship; and the rapid growth of multi-screen viewing via online and mobile TV and streaming video - all are expanding the medium's traditional appeal.

Clearly 2015 is a time of both change and financial challenge in advertising - so these new opportunities to make the TV medium deliver more cost-effective results are emerging just at the time when they are needed.

Fox Media bridges the gap between this exciting new era and tried and tested TV planning and buying techniques, to ensure that our clients can take full advantage of the new opportunities in television whilst maintaining a firm grip on costs and coverage.

Now more than ever, TV media plans need to take full account of factors such as targeting, cost-efficiency,

regionality, 'drip' vs 'burst' and seasonality.

When planning campaigns in countries where TV audience research is not yet of a high standard, successful planning/buying strategies used elsewhere can be employed to good effect.

We are very experienced in bringing together audience, cost and client/market data to apply cost:value calculations to the deployment of TV budgets. We can also advise on initial media budget setting.

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