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Fox Media can plan and implement your door-to-door distribution programme to ensure accurate targeting, cost-effective delivery and post-campaign distribution checks.

Although doordrops are often seen as the 'poor relation' amongst UK advertising media, in fact they can be a powerful and cost-effective means of putting product, special offers and key localised information in the hands of the consumer.

Recent research by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) shows that UK door-to-door adspend has been increasing for some time, suggesting that the medium is proving to be successful for those who utilise it.

So successful, in fact, that we sometimes find that there are capacity problems and even waiting lists in some sectors and at certain times of the year. So ... planning well in advance is often adviseable.

In one sense the medium's popularity is a negative factor, of course: where the householder finds a very large volume of leaflets and other items on the doormat,

he/she is quite likely to feel irritated by the inconvenience of having to dispose of unwanted material.

For specific campaigns, good planning can ensure that this doesn't happen. And in any case research also shows that on balance the average consumer tends to welcome items such as free samples, free newspapers, special offers from supermarkets and money off coupons.*

* BMRM/Synergism research quoted by the DMA

Fox Media offers planning and buying services which ensure that the doordrop component of your ad. campaigns is well targeted, well implemented - and well worth the investment.

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Research highlights the effectiveness of doordrops
96% of respondents in a recent survey said they were aware of receiving leaflets, free samples, circulars and free publications through their letterboxes, and on average, 72% of respondents had taken some action as a result of receiving unaddressed door drop items through their letterbox.

The research was conducted by Accubiz Research & Consulting for the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). The findings suggest that door drops are effective, with 84% of respondents saying they and their families had taken action on receipt of a ‘money off’ coupon, while free samples and supermarket offers had promoted some form of action by more than 80% of the sample base.

Almost 80% of respondents had taken some action as a result of receiving either a national or local government leaflet. The research also revealed that males, C2DEs and people from the south or Scotland were more likely to be happy to receive leaflets, free samples and circulars, while people aged under 35, females, ABC1s and people from the north are the most likely to notice ads. in leaflets and free samples.

When respondents were asked how useful they found different media as a source of advertising, 28% said they found leaflets and free samples very or quite useful. Free local papers scored best, with 43% of respondents saying they found them very or quite useful as a source of advertising. Free papers are one of the main delivery methods for leaflets for door drop items, along with the Royal Mail.


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