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Clinical Trials
Fox Media has extensive previous experience in media planning and buying for clinical trials campaigns in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Using well-established media contacts around the world, we have planned and purchased many such campaigns across a number of continents, working with clients and agencies in both Europe and North America.

Clinical trials campaigns require a specialised approach to ensure clinics or trials sites receive coverage via media which are accurately targeted in terms of both socio-demographics and regionality.

In these challenging times, maximising media value is also an increasingly important issue. In constructing media plans, Fox Media uses a range of analysis techniques, such as establishing the cost:value relationship between prime candidate media to assist in optimising media selections.

Thus we are able to combine previous experience gained in working on clinical trials



campaigns with our detailed knowledge of current media availability and 'live' media analysis to produce media plans which maximise visibility and quality response within the available budget.

Some of the clients for whom we have planned and bought clinical trials media advertising campaigns in a wide range of locations around the world ...


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Clinical trials - how we work

Of course clients and agencies with whom we work on clinical trials campaigns have varied needs; but typically their key requirements will include

    total confidentiality - a signed NDA is the norm and it is our policy never to work on competitive products

    approval of copy - we liaise with both client and media to assist in ensuring ads. are allowable (under legal regulations) and acceptable (by media editorial departments) in advance of committing to media space

    thorough analysis - media profiles and coverage areas must match the targeted group/region as closely as possible; overlaid on this, on occasions, is the need (via media selection) to allow for variations in local languages

    testing - where the acid test is response, we are often asked to produce recommendations for media tests

    maximisation of discounts - a vital ingredient for a successful clinical trials campaign

    post-campaign analysis - a particularly important aspect of 'next phase' planning for clinical trials campaigns

    close monitoring/control of budgets - always essential, but especially so where exchange rates are constantly changing

    reliable administration - our systems are renowned

    liaison with creative/production - we can supply full production specs. and contact details; if required, we can forward artwork to media at no extra cost

    supply of tearsheets/voucher copies - another cost-free part of our service.


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