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With costs being such an important factor in the success or failure of ad. campaigns, budget-setting is a critical input.

Drawing on our extensive exper- ience in planning and negotiating space and airtime costs, we can provide cost estimates for ad. campaigns which can be used in marketing planning, feasibility studies, etc..

The budget-setting method utilised will depend on the status of the brand - whether it is being launched or relaunched, for instance; whether the prime objective of the campaign is awareness creation or maximising quality responses; whether the competition is outspending the client's product or whether the client already has a high 'share-of-voice'.

Where clients need to use test marketing to establish the level of payback generated for a given spend levels, ongoing analysis of response

can play an important role in determining future budgets.

Fox Media can advise on budgeting for media advertising campaigns in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

For our established clients, our recommendations come as 'all part of the service', but we are happy to quote a fee for providing ad hoc budget-setting consultancy.



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Challenging financial circumstances always impact on ad spends.
It is perhaps a truism that advertising is the first activity to suffer when the economic environment suffers.

But whilst dire, generalised warnings of a global downturn in expenditure may be of interest in the equities market, they are of limited practical relevance to marketers working in specific product/service sectors.

In fact advertising can be a powerful force in combating the stresses imposed on a company by macro-economic factors. Defensively, it can protect brand awareness, be a shield against insurgent pressures from new market entrants - and help to maintain sales and profit levels. Dropping one's guard by cutting back on advertising is often a temporary measure which results in permanent damage to a business's market share.

But where a company is in a position to capitalise on the weaknesses of its prime competitors, advertising can be an engine for growth, energising customers' perceptions and catapulting the brand into a far stronger position in the market. Companies who adopt a lemming-like, 'me too' attitude to making swingeing cutbacks in advertising budgets should think very carefully before wielding the blue pencil.

They'll find that most of those who decided that 'not me' was the better budgeting strategy will already be much further up the growth curve when the recession is just a painful memory.

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